The school provides transport facility for transporting students. Interested parents are advised to contact the school office for transport arrangement of their wards.

Discipline in School Bus

Students must, in their own interest, adhere to the following rules while travelling by School Bus:-

Students must reach the bus stop atleast 5 minutes in advance of the stipulated bus arrival time in the morning.

Students must not stretch any part of the body outside the bus.

Loud talking and shouting inside the bus must be avoided.

Students must produce the written permission of their parents if they wish to travel by different bus route on a specific day.

No students has the authority to use a bus route different from the one specified in the office records. Any student found guilty of doing so will be debarred from using the school bus facility.

Any quarrel/fights and disputes should be reported to the concerned authority of the school at the earliest. Misbehavior in the bus will disqualify the students from