Co-curricular activities are of great significance in the lives of the students to transform them from a book worm to an all round developed & balanced personality. These avtivities based on social,scientific,economic and technical temperament and initiatives to attain a positive change in the personality of the students. Being a unique combination & complex of innovative ideas,creative imagination these activities develop a scientific temperament & attitude in the students, thereby upholds the fundamental duties of our constitution.
These co-curricular activities has multifarious impact on our society. On the one hand it develops a scientific tempers & attitude in the students and protect them from the monotonous routine bookish knowledge by providing them a practical chance of learning by doing method  while on the other it prepare in advance a stage for them for self employment and to participate in the national development.
Based on the above ideology the PRATAP PUBLIC SCHOOL, TARAORI intends to implement a well developed planned policy relating to co-curricular activities in a phased manner with a well balanced and scientific approach based upon various parameters of age, physical & mental health and economic consideration so as to attain a positive result towards an all round development of the students.
Trained & Highly Qualified Staff:-   
The school has a treasure of highly & technically qualified Art & craft, Music,Dance,Sports coaches and experts to train,guide and motivate the students and help them in achieving excellence in this field.
Time Schedule:-
Based on a balanced approach between the academic studies and co-curricular activities,
two periods of 40 minutes duration each are reserved exclusively for this activity once in a week. Generally, the last two periods are reserved for such activities