Welcome to Pratap Public School

The school is an initiative of Choudhary Ved Prakash Educational Society, TARAORI.  It is an English medium educational day School recognized by government of Haryana (2003) and affiliated to CBSE New Delhi in 2006. It's Affiliation No. is 530547 and School Code is 40533.


The school covers all the aspects of education from Pre-Primary to Senior Secondary level. Our object is all round development of personality of our students we instill in them the qualities of self-reliance self- confidence and self-discipline. As nothing in life could be achieved without education same is like Moral Values. It lays the foundation of the future of child. Our students are taught and help to maintain discipline which proves to be asset in life, which develops a friendly & congenial atmosphere in the school.


The aim is a harmonious development of the personality of the child and its integration with Indian culture. The school curriculum is multi-faceted and is designed not only for academic achievement, but for an all-round growth and also to help the students develop self-confidence and poise. 


Any educational change takes time to strike roots, grow and flower. It is only when the stage of readiness is reached that the result can be judged. We started functioning from 7th April, 2003 and the first batch of class- 10 students had appeared for board exam in March 2008. The level up started and first batch of XII (Commerce and Arts) appeared in 2011-12  and keeping in mind the parent’s demand the first batch of XII (Non-Medical) appeared in 2013-14.


In order to ensure higher standards of education and also to raise the standard of school, we adopt strategies from time to time to bring out the dormant virtues in our students for their betterment. The teachers of the school are quite capable and moreover they are dedicated to their work they take keen interest in providing guidance to the weak students. That's why a period in the school has been provided in the time table for remedial work.


We at PPS, TARAORI continue to participate effectively in Co- Curricular programs and also inculcating in them the habits of work and self-discipline.  It's very important to mention the role of the teacher. The progress of the school depends on the involvement of the staff. So, their re- orientation from time to time is necessary. Therefore, In-service training programs are organized for teachers which have brought substantial improvement in their work.


From the academic year 2006, we introduced the House-System. Each house is looked after by a House-Incharge and Tutor. This was made to encourage a healthy competition in Academics, Co-Curricular activities, games and sports. It is necessary to inculcate and foster competition, unity, discipline, honesty and excellence in respective areas.


The main ingredients of a good school and its product in 21st century would not be the structure form, nor the competency in the 3 R’s- but the new concept would be of 3 C’s & of 3 P’s:

 3 C's- Competency, Confidence, Creativity &

3 P’s- Potential, Progress and Performance.

 This requires quality of schooling and creating an educational environment.


Pratap Public School aims to help the child in many ways by pursuing his/ her individual interests so that he/ she gains enthusiasm for learning, which is the key to become a truly educated person. A personalized approach in which each child is respected as an individual; he/ she can discover the joy of learning, sharing and friendship.

A totally prepared environment awaits the absorbent mind of the child. Each piece of apparatus is designed to give the child a new experience and to develop a specific concept. Emphasis is laid on understanding concepts and learning skills rather than cramming facts. Different learning styles of individuals are kept in mind in observance of the uniqueness of every student.

Freedom of movement and speech is stressed in order to assist each child's potential for physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.Low student - teacher ratio is maintained to enable the teachers to observe and work at the child's level of readiness. The teacher acts as a catalyst and facilitator. She is trained to be a keen observer and is able to direct and guide the child.

Pratapians are generally characterized by their self-discipline, self knowledge, independence and enthusiasm for learning. To achieve all round personality development, the child will have opportunities each day for an individual work, group activities, cooperative play and interaction with other children and teacher.

The child's age as well as emotional maturity is taken into consideration for placement into our program and for promotion to next level.  Emphasis is laid on character building, honesty, truthfulness, fearlessness and team spirit. A well structured curriculum not only incorporates academic skills but also life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and stress management.Well-trained and qualified staff is committed to provide excellence in education. Our in-house teacher training workshops keep teachers abreast of latest techniques of imparting knowledge. Low student-teacher ratio leads to greater interaction participation.Established programmes support each facet of academic approach thus helping the students for their future endeavours. We follow a systematic method of evaluation of our students. Projects and activity based worksheets and internal assessments are some methods cultivated to assess the student’s progress in class. The emphasis here is to inculcate in each student an enquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge.

Students explore the world of science through activities, observations and discussions in our well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Maths. Our well-stocked library includes volumes of encyclopedias and reference books that can be used as learning resources.