Our Commitment

To encourage students to imbibe the qualities of virtue, self-discipline and social responsibility through co-curricular activities.

To inculcate Indian Ethics — respect traditions, values, secularism, democracy and service to mankind.

To foster the spirit of excellence in acquisition of knowledge through appropriate latest methodologies.

To provide opportunities, infra-structure and the state-of-the-art facilities for the overall development of the students.

To prepare students for global opportunities, for developing cross-cultural understanding and cosmopolitan outlook thus making them global citizens.

To create opportunities for free basic education to the members of less-privileged section of our society and also to train them to be financially independent.

We are committed to engage the very best education who teach with a missionary zeal and create facilities. Our purpose is to offer CBSE based syllabus from Primary to XII keeping in mind the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the child. We have interwoven our curriculum with elements of creativity, project approach, life-skill learning and hands on experience. A dedicated team of teachers provide the right balance of care, support & discipline of students. Our aim is to be an institution where learners of various nationalities and background can live and learn together in harmony.