1.Properly Dressed : They must come to school in spick and span school uniform.
2. Regular & Punctual : They must come to school regularly & punctually. They should do their homework regularly.
3. Using English : They must communicate with their teachers, friends and others in English.
4. Very Particular : They must move with other fellows in straight lines. They should use the passage meant for their class only.
5. Careful - Take good care of school property. Any damage/loss to the school property should be reported immediately to the teachers/school authority. Switch off all the lights and fans before leaving your class room. Keep the campus clean. Take care of trees around you and make efforts to preserve them.
6. Disciplined : While leaving the classroom, form a queue and move in an orderly and disciplined manner




The school does not allow violation of rules and discipline. It is absolutely necessary for proper development of boys/girls that rules are observed and discipline maintained. We expect the fullest co-operation from students and their parents.


- Complete silence should be maintained inside and in the vicinity of the library.
- Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time and retain it for the period prescribed.
- Marking, underlining or annotating in the library books is strictly forbidden.
- Borrowers are required to examine the books at the time of issuing and report to the librarian about the damage,
loss of page or picture etc.
- Books lost, damaged or wrongly handled will have to be paid for or replaced.
- Reference books and magazines are only for reading in the library and cannot be issued for home.